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Deep Vein Thrombosis / Pulmonary Embolism Clinic
Main clinic telephone no: 01473 702021
Nearest car park:
Nearest entrance:
Directions from entrance to clinic:
Car Park F. View car parking information.
Entrance 2 (South Wards)
The clinic is held on Brantham Ward. The DVT/PE waiting room is immediately on the right in the corridor leading to the ward. View hospital map.
Overview: Review of patients three months into anticoagulation following a DVT or PE.
Clinic times: Are various approx 2 per month on Thursdays.
What to expect at your appointment: The consultant will review the history leading to either your deep vein thrombosis or pulimonary embolism. An assessment will be made of the clinical progress your medicaion will be reviewed and advice regarding on-going treatment will be provided. Other relevant lifestyle issues will be covered.

The clinic normally runs to time and you can expect the consultation to last approximately 15 minutes.
When and where to get results of any tests: Emergency Assessment Unit - Brantham Ward. If any tests are appropriate you will be advised of the average time this will take.