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Clinic H entrance

Entrance to the
Chest (Respiratory) Clinic.

Chest (Respiratory) Clinic

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Main clinic telephone numbers: Clinic reception: 01473 703240.
Department office: 01473 703508 or 703779
Nearest car park: Car Park F Click to view car parking information
Nearest entrance: Entrance 6 (Outpatients) Click to view entrance information
Directions from entrance to clinic: Enter via entrance 6 (Outpatients), turn left, take second turning to the right and Clinic H (Chest Clinic) is on the right hand side of the corridor. Click to view hospital map
How to change or cancel an appointment: If you are a new patient and would like to change or cancel your Chest Clinic appointment, please call the Appointment Centre on 0845 840 0200.
If you would like to change or cancel a follow-up appointment, please call 01473 703240.
Overview: The Chest (Respiratory) Clinic offers clinical services covering most aspects of respiratory medicine, also known as thoracic medicine. We work closely with our thoracic surgeon, who spends Monday of each week in our department. Patients needing thoracic surgery are seen and assessed in our department and their surgery is then performed at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by specialist thoracic surgeons.
Clinic times: Clinics run every weekday except Fridays. We do not offer walk-in clinics.
What to expect at your appointment:
When you arrive you may be asked to go for an X-ray or have breathing tests before you are seen in clinic with the results. This means that you may not be seen exactly when your clinic appointment is booked. If you have an appointment with a doctor, you will be seen by one of the Respiratory consultants or their specialist registrars. We also have clinics run by our specialist nurse and lung physiologist. Breathing tests are performed in the neighbouring Clinic J.

If you receive two letters to attend on different days please check carefully as both appointments may be needed, for example, lung function testing at one time and a Chest Clinic appointment at another.

Please bring a list of all medication you are currently taking with you to your appointment.
When and where to get the results of any tests: The results of X-rays and lung tests will be available at your clinic appointment. You will be contacted by letter or telephone with the results of any other tests. Your GP will be sent a report electronically within three days of your Chest Clinic appointment.
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