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Antenatal Clinic

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Main clinic telephone number: 01473 703104
Nearest car park: Car Park G Click to view car parking information
Nearest entrance: Entrance 7 Click to view entrance information
Directions from entrance to clinic: Enter through the main doors at entrance 7. The Antenatal Clinic is on the left hand side, please report to the reception desk. Click to view hospital map
Overview: The midwifery team welcomes you to the Ipswich Hospital Antenatal Clinic. The clinics are consultant-led. This means the consultant will be the lead professional and will share your antenatal care with your community midwife and GP. 
Clinic times: The obstetric consultants hold clinics from Monday to Friday in the Antenatal Day Unit, from 8 am to  6 pm.
Clinics are held in Saxmundham on the first Tuesday afternoon in the month and in Stowmarket on the second Thursday afternoon in the month.
There is also a monthly anaesthetic clinic.
What to expect at your appointment: Please bring your hand-held notes and a urine sample to each appointment at the Antenatal Clinic.

New booking appointment.

You will meet the consultant and/or a member of the medical team who will make a plan of care for your pregnancy.

Follow-up appointments.
A member of the medical team will review your care and request any further tests or investigations.
There is a weekly Joint Diabetic clinic led by Miss Johal and Dr Fowler. In this clinic you may be seen by a dietitian and a nurse or midwife.
Additional information: There is a play area with a play table for the under 5s. This not supervised, so an adult must stay with the child at all times. Please bring your hand held notes and a urine sample to each appointment in the clinic. 

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