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Sunday, 20 April 2014
The Antenatal Clinic

The Antenatal Clinic provides monitoring for both routine and complicated pregnancies. An Antenatal Day Unit and Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic is available from Monday to Friday. We also have midwives specialising in diabetes and drug misuse liaison.

If a consultant leads your maternity care, some of your antenatal visits may be to the Ipswich Hospital Antenatal Clinic or to a satellite clinic in Felixstowe, Eye, Saxmundham or Stowmarket.

When booked for consultant-led care you will likely give birth on Deben Ward the consultant-led ward at Ipswich Hospital where access to obstetric, paediatric and anaesthetic medical teams is available on a 24/7 basis. Midwives continue to provide care during labour, but all care plans are made in conjunction with the medical staff on call.

If it is necessary for you to have a planned Caesarean section, you will be admitted to Orwell Ward, the consultant-led antenatal and postnatal ward. All high-risk mothers who have given birth on Deben Ward are transferred to Orwell Ward, with their babies, following delivery. Orwell Ward is staffed by midwives.

Once you go home, your community midwife will continue to care for you and your baby for 10 days after your baby's birth date, or longer if there is clinical need, in your home or at a local postnatal clinic.