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Thursday, 24 April 2014
Supervisors of Midwives

Protecting mothers and babies

Supervision is a statutory responsibility which provides a mechanism for support and guidance to every midwife practising in the United Kingdom.

The purpose of supervision of midwives is to protect women and babies by actively promoting a safe standard of midwifery practice.

Supervision is a means of promoting excellence in midwifery care, by supporting midwives to practise with confidence, therefore preventing poor practice.

Supervisors of midwives have a duty to promote childbirth as a normal physiological event and to work in partnership with women; creating opportunities for them to engage actively with maternity services.

Supervisors also have a role in advising and supporting women who use midwifery services; advocating for the right of all women to make informed choices and providing additional advice to women who are experiencing difficulty in achieving care choices.

You can contact a supervisor of midwives at Ipswich Hospital via the senior midwife by telephoning 01473 712233.