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Different Urology teatments take place in different areas of the hospital. Please check your appointment letter for specific information relating to your appointment. View hospital map.

Urology is the surgical specialty that deals with disorders or diseases of the male genito-urinary tract and female urinary tract, although only some people presenting with urological problems need surgery. There is some overlap with other specialties including nephrology, a medical specialty which deals with certain disorders of the kidney; genito-urinary medicine, which involves the management of particular disorders including sexually transmitted diseases; and gynaecology, which also deals with women who have difficulty passing urine.

Problems commonly treated by urologists include benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, voiding dysfunction, kidney stones, kidney cancer, erectile dysfunction, and scrotal swellings.

The Ipswich Hospital Urology Department treats almost all aspects of urological disease. Our main ward for elective inpatient treatment is the 28-bed Woodbridge Ward, for adults. Patients requiring emergency inpatient treatment are usually admitted through the Surgical Admissions Unit (SAU). However, patients will sometimes be admitted to other wards according to bed availability. Patients under the age of 16 will usually be treated on Bergholt or Boxford Ward.

Day surgery treatment is based in the Raedwald Day Surgery Unit.

The Urology Investigation Suite, opposite Woodbridge Ward, is where we perform flexible cystoscopy, intravesical chemotherapy, urodynamic studies (including video and ambulatory), intermittent catheter teaching, prostate assessment and prostate biopsy clinic.

We hold general urology clinics in main outpatients, but we also hold other specialist clinics for erectile dysfunction, one-stop testicular assessment, paediatric urology and female lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

Other investigations are usually performed in the Department of Radiology.