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Colorectal Surgery
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Overview: Ipswich Hospital has four lower gastrointestinal or colorectal surgeons who specialise in managing patients with bowel disorders.Ipswich Hospital is an accredited centre for colorectal (bowel) cancer and the surgeons have wide ranging skills in all aspects of bowel problems. This expertise allows us to specialise in laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery), cancers of the womb and ovary involving the bowel and surgery for incontinence and prolapse.The surgeons also perform endoscopy of the upper and lower bowel (flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy) and a wide variety of general surgery procedures including hernia repairs, gall bladder operations and removal of minor lumps and bumps.

A multidisciplinary team approach is undertaken for each patient, ensuring that expertise from each clinical and diagnostic discipline is applied for each patient referred to the Unit.Evidence-based diagnostic and treatment pathways are used to ensure the best clinical care and outcomes for individual patients. Continuity of care for each patient is ensured by the allocation of an experienced clinical nurse specialist.This is particularly important as many patients receive different types of treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.