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Clinical Biochemistry
Main department telephone no: 01473 703703
For any queries please contact: Stephen Gee, Quality Manager
Nearest car park:
Nearest entrance:
Directions from entrance to department:
Car park F. View car parking information.
Entrance 6 (Entrance 2 on Saturdays)
Clinical Biochemistry is located in the main Pathology department in the central (yellow) zone. View hospital map.
Overview: The Clinical Biochemistry service is used to diagnose and monitor many disease processes and its staff use a wide knowledge of physiology in health and disease.
Specialities and procedures undertaken: The service performs analytical work using a wide range of specialised, skilled technical procedures, using blood and urine samples.
Consultants: Dr P Twomey, Chemical Pathologist, Tel: 01473 703708
Dr T Likhari, Chemical Pathologist, Tel: 01473 703708
When and where to get results of any tests: The majority of results are sent electronically to the doctor who requested the test – please contact your GP or hospital doctor for results.