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Rheumatology Services

We have links with other health professions such as podiatry, orthotics and dietetics, and also liaise with other departments such as dermatology, orthopaedics and respiratory medicine (chest clinic) where appropriate.

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Will I need occupational therapy?

The role of the occupational therapist (OT) is to help you to achieve and maintain maximum function, whilst avoiding damage to your joints and/or other vulnerable structures. In patients with arthritis, for example, the OT can assess activities of daily living such as washing and cooking and may suggest ways of making these easier, as well as providing you with aids or gadgets, if appropriate. The OT will explain techniques for protecting your joints and may supply you with resting or working splints for inflamed joints. If you are having difficulties in the workplace the OT may also be able to visit you there to assess the problems and offer advice to you and/or your employer.

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