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Rheumatology Services

We have links with other health professions such as podiatry, orthotics and dietetics, and also liaise with other departments such as dermatology, orthopaedics and respiratory medicine (chest clinic) where appropriate.

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Are there any community-based clinics?

In addition to clinics at Ipswich Hospital, a small number of consultant-led clinics are held at other sites.

Currently these are: Aldeburgh Cottage Hospital; Felixstowe General Hospital; Hadleigh Health Centre; Lambsale Health Centre, Saxmundham and Violet Hill Health Centre, Stowmarket.

If one of these locations would be more convenient for you, please enquire when booking your appointment if this would be suitable for you. Please note that in some circumstances an appointment at Ipswich Hospital may be more appropriate, where facilities for further investigations are on hand.