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We have links with other health professions such as podiatry, orthotics and dietetics, and also liaise with other departments such as dermatology, orthopaedics and respiratory medicine (chest clinic) where appropriate.

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How do I find out more about the Fracture Liaison Service?

The fracture liaison service provides one-stop clinics for patients known to be at high risk of osteoporosis. You may be referred if you have recently broken a bone, have a family history or high risk factors for osteoporosis. Clinics are held within the rheumatology department and are run by an osteoporosis nurse specialist.

Before your appointment you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and bring with you and leaflets about osteoporosis and DXA scans. You will also be sent a form for a blood test which you should have taken at the hospital approximately 1 week before your appointment.

Upon arrival at the department you will first be seen by a radiographer, who will perform a DXA scan. Following this you will see the osteoporosis nurse specialist, who will explain the scan results to you as well as the results of your blood tests. She will discuss your questionnaire responses and assess your risk of falling and sustaining further injury. Your current medication will be reviewed and advice given on future treatment. This may include additional medication and/or lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol. If appropriate you will be referred on to other services for example occupational therapy, physiotherapy or social services.

You may require a further DXA scan at a later date to assess your response to treatment. A follow-up appointment with the osteoporosis nurse specialist will usually be arranged, either face-to-face or by telephone. Your GP will be informed by letter of the results of your DXA scan and any changes to your treatment.

The fracture liaison clinic is held four times weekly with appointments of either 20 or 30 minutes duration. You can usually expect to be seen approximately 6–8 weekly after referral.