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Rheumatology Services

We have links with other health professions such as podiatry, orthotics and dietetics, and also liaise with other departments such as dermatology, orthopaedics and respiratory medicine (chest clinic) where appropriate.

Rheumatology Services FAQs

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Is there a day unit?

The Rheumatology Day Unit is run by a staff nurse. The unit is in the department and can treat three patients at a time.

If you need intravenous infusions for inflammatory arthritis or bone disease you may come to the unit to have these treatments via a drip into a vein in your hand or arm. Depending on the infusions needed, you may be in the unit for several hours, either over a morning or afternoon, so you can be observed closely for any side effects.

On your first visit, please do not drive yourself and arrange for someone to bring you and collect you after your appointment. Often you will need to attend periodically for repeat infusions. Comfortable reclining chairs are provided and there are magazines and a television within the unit to help pass the time. You may eat and drink as normal prior to your treatment and tea, coffee and biscuits are also available during your visit. Many patients enjoy this opportunity to socialise.

Prior to receiving treatment in the day unit you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment and any possible side effects with our staff. Unfortunately, due to restricted space, it is not possible for a partner or friend to remain with you during your treatment, but they can wait in one of the hospital's pleasant cafés or restaurant .

If you are unwell at the time your infusion is due, or have any queries regarding this treatment, please telephone 01473 703315 for advice before your appointment date as your appointment may have to be postponed.