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This page aims to answer some of the questions you may have about the Chronic Pain Management Service and coping with your pain. If cannot find the answer you need, you can contact us on 01473 703435 and we will do our best to answer your query.

Chronic Pain Management Service FAQs

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I saw something on TV and in papers about a promising new treatment for chronic pain sufferers. Can I try it out?

Sometimes particular treatments for pain are publicised in the media, and can look very promising. It is natural to get your hopes up that this will be the ‘cure’ for your pain, and that it will change your life. Unfortunately this is very rarely the case, for a number of reasons:

  • Sometimes the treatment is very new, and still being researched. It may not be available to the general public for many years, until it has been proven to be effective and safe.
  • Pain management consultants specialise in assessing what works for each individual. It may well be that the particular treatment is unlikely to work for you because of the nature of your pain. If this is the case, your pain management consultant will let you know.
  • Some treatments are very good for certain types of pain, but they are ineffective for other types of pain. It may be that the treatment you heard about would not be helpful for your type of pain.
  • Some treatments are very invasive, expensive or work best for a very specific type of pain problem. In that case, your doctor will want to go through all the other options for pain management with you first, as you may well get the same benefit from a less invasive, cheaper or more widely effective treatment.
  • Often what is reported in the media is not entirely accurate, or does not tell the whole story. Sometimes the treatments they report on have very low success rates, have high risks attached, or may not be available in this country (or this area of the country). Your doctor will be able to explain to you all the background information on a treatment which the media may not have written about, and can discuss whether or not it is really worth you trying.
  • Different parts of the NHS and different services have different policies about what treatments they use, and what they are funded to provide, based on their understanding of the evidence. Because of this, certain treatments may not be available in the Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please raise these with your consultant at your appointment.